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  • Brisbane's Traditional Indian Healing Centre for Relieving Your Pain and Injuries.

  • kalari ayurveda brisbane

    Kalari Ayurveda Centre is based in Brisbane and founded by Biju Nair, a traditional Indian healer from Kerala. He is a pain and injury management specialist using Kalari Chikitsa, Ayurvedic therapies and Ayurvedic medicine. With 20 years of experience he has treated thousands of clients in Australia and India using these methods.

  • Thousands of years old, Kalari Chikitsa and Ayurveda are traditional healing arts from India. We are focussed on preserving these ancient healing arts and practise them the traditional way without reinvention or dilution.

    Conditions commonly treated at Kalari Ayurveda Centre include:

    The conditions we treat are not limited to these. Please contact us if you have any queries as to whether our treatments may be appropriate for you.

  • Ayurveda

    kalari ayurveda brisbane ayurveda

    Ayurveda is one of the oldest, most comprehensive health systems in the world, originating in India at least 5000 years ago.

    While Ayurveda provides a vast guide of practical advice and wisdom on almost every aspect of your health, Kalari Ayurveda Centre specialise in its use for pain and injury management.

  • Kalari Chikitsa

    kalari ayurveda brisbane kalari chikitda
    Kalari Chikitsa is an ancient system of musculoskeletal treatments based on Ayurveda and Siddha Veda. Kalari Chikitsa was developed to treat the battle related injuries and improve the fighting abilities of South India’s Kalaripayattu warriors.
    Nowadays, Kalari Chikitsa can be applied to help a wider range of people and is highly effective in the treatment of modern day pain and injuries.

  • Ayurvedic and Kalari Chikitsa Treatments

  • kalari marma massage brisbane

    This is our most popular treatment. This treatment uses several specialised techniques to reduce pain and speed up recovery of injuries.

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  • ayurveda brisbane kizhi

    Promotes the removal of inflammatory blocks, improving circulation and reducing body stiffness and pain.

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  • kati basti brisbane

    A warm herbal oil treatment used to relieve stiffness, inflammation and pain in your lower back.

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  • Shirodhara Brisbane

    Induces an experience of deep relaxation to rest and calm your mind. It is an effective treatment for reducing stress and nervous tension.

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  • Chavutti Thirummal Brisbane

    Increases body flexibility, agility and physical endurance. It is beneficial for athletes and for those who practise martial arts, dance and yoga.

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  • Ayurvedic Massage Brisbane

    A deeply rejuvenating and balancing massage designed to stimulate your circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems.

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  • ayurveda brisbane greeva basti

    A warm herbal oil treatment used to relieve pain, stiffness, inflammation in your neck.

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  • Ayurveda Brisbane Swedana Herbal Steam

    A herbal steam after a massage treatment makes it easier for toxins to be released from the tissues.

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  • ayurveda brisbane upanaham

    Relieves localised pain, swelling, inflammation, strains, sprains and joint injuries.

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  • ayurveda brisbane nasyam

    Opens and clears breathing channels allowing you to breathe fully and easily again.

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  • ayurveda brisbane nabhi basti

    Helps to balance the Nabhi Marma - the vital centre where all 72,000 nadis (subtle energy pathways) converge.

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  • Remedial Massage Algester

    Health Fund rebates are available for Remedial Massage.

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