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  • Ayurveda in Brisbane for relieving your aches and pains naturally.

  • Originating in India, Ayurveda is one of the oldest, most comprehensive health systems in the world.

    When translated from Sanskrit, Ayurveda means ‘the science of life’ or ‘the knowledge of longevity’.

    Ayurveda has been passed down through the centuries as a complete healing system, evolving to meet the needs of the time, and yet remaining committed to its core principles.

    The World Health Organisation recognises Ayurveda as an effective and reputable holistic system of healthcare.

  • Ayurveda for pain and injury management

    While Ayurveda provides a vast guide of practical advice and wisdom on almost every aspect of your health, Kalari Ayurveda Centre specialise in its use for pain and injury management.

    We use Ayurvedic principles as a guide for how pain manifests in your body, and how it can make you more susceptible to injuries.

    As well as looking at the location of pain, the cause of injury and the structures involved – joint, muscle, ligaments, tendons, etc. Ayurveda pays close attention to the type of pain you are suffering from.  It classifies pain according to the balance of the Doshas and presence of Ama.

    This detailed examination allows us to accurately determine the disturbance in your system and choose the appropriate therapies to treat the whole system.

    For more information on the Theory of Pain in Ayurveda please see this page.

  • Ayurveda brisbane treatments

    A range of Ayurvedic treatments are available depending on your condition and overall state of health.

    Warm herbal oils are used in all therapies. They are prepared exactly in accordance with the ancient scriptures from formulations that have been used for thousands of years. When applied, these oils penetrate your skin and deliver the healing properties of the herbal formulations directly to your body through dermal absorption.

    As Biju is a traditional Kalari Chikitsa healer, all therapies are enhanced with Marma applications.

    See our range of Ayurvedic treatments here.

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  • Ayurveda in Brisbane

    Ayurvedic herbal medicine is prescribed when necessary to strengthen and heal the system internally. Ayurveda has a wide variety of herbal medicine which is highly effective in speeding up the healing process and relieving pain. The ingredients used shall vary according to your individual needs.

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  • Ayurveda oil in Brisbane

    We use a wide variety of Ayurvedic herbal oils in our treatments for pain and injury management. The herbal oils used and their application will depend on the location, stage and cause of your condition. The correct choice of oil is vital in the effectiveness of traditional Ayurvedic treatments.

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  • Ayurvedic Diet and Digestion

    Ayurvedic Diet

    Depending on your condition, dietary advice may be included to help accelerate the repair process. You will be provided with a detailed understanding of which foods to favour and avoid for your condition.

    Pain can be created and aggravated through improper diet, digestion and elimination. Incompletely digested foods create toxins and impurities that can then block the channels of circulation. These toxins become lodged inside the body gradually leading to stiffness in your body and finally to the onset of pain.

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Daily Routine

    ayurveda yoga

    Ayurveda places great importance on your lifestyle. When you eat, sleep and exercise in constantly fluctuating patterns, your body loses its natural balancing cycles and cannot cleanse or repair itself as effectively. Regularity in your daily routine is effective in reducing physiological imbalance at the basis of chronic pain.

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