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  • Ayurvedic Consultation

  • For serious or chronic pain, a Consultation is required before commencing treatment. This is so a thorough assessment can be performed and a program specific to your condition can be designed.

    Please contact us if you have any questions about whether you will require a Consultation.


    Your Consultation will consist of:

    1. A thorough assessment of your pain, injury or discomfort.
    2. A detailed explanation of the underlying causes of your condition.
    3. Development of a suitable course of treatment. This treatment program may consist of:
    • Kalari Chikitsa
    • Ayurvedic therapies
    • Ayurvedic medicine
    • Diet modifications
    • Lifestyle and daily routine modifications
    • Exercise and flexibility program
  • For general health conditions, Ayurvedic consultations are also available with an Ayurvedic Doctor. Dr Namrta Sharma treats most health conditions with a special interest in women’s health issues.

  • Price for Consultation

    Long (60 mins)$80
    Short (30 mins)$40