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  • Kalari Chikitsa

  • Traditional Indian Sports Medicine

  • Kalari Chikitsa is an ancient system of musculoskeletal treatments based on Ayurveda and Siddha Veda.

    Originating in Kerala in Southern India, Kalari Chikitsa was developed to benefit the warriors of Kalaripayattu. The techniques that were used to treat the ancient warriors are also highly effective in the treatment of modern day aches, pains and injuries.

  • Kalari Chikitsa was used by the ancient warriors to:

    • Treat their injuries sustained during training or combat.
    • Treat the conditions that affected their performance ability.
    • Prevent injuries and prepare their bodies for training or combat.
    • Improve their skills by increasing strength and flexibility.
  • These treatments continue to be given in Kerala’s martial arts centres today. The Kalaripayattu master plays the dual role of a martial arts teacher and a healer. While still used to support the martial artist's training, Kalari Chikitsa also helps a wider range of people, who come to see the master with their injuries and pain related conditions.

    The wisdom of Kalari Chikitsa has been passed down through the generations, from master to student. The founder of Kalari Ayurveda Centre, Biju Nair is part of this lineage and provides these treatments in Brisbane.

  • What can Kalari Chikitsa help with?

    Evolved over thousands of years, this traditional form of medicine has been used to prevent and treat the injuries and improve the fighting skills of Kerala’s Kalaripayattu warriors.

    Nowadays, Kalari Chikitsa can be applied to help a wider range of people and is highly effective in:

  • The treatment of aches, pains, injuries and movement dysfunctions such as:

    • Sports injuries including martial arts, dance and yoga
    • Musculoskeletal injuries and imbalances
    • Acute and chronic pain
    • Muscle and joint pain and stiffness
    • Back, neck, shoulder and knee pain
    • Frozen shoulder
    • Sciatica
    • Arthritis
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Reducing the risk of injuries

  • Enhancing physical performance

  • Increasing body flexibility, agility and strength

  • Preparing the body for strenuous exercise

  • Maintaining optimal health

  • How does Kalari Chikitsa work?

    Kalari Chikitsa is a complete system of traditional medicine. It includes a range of massage techniques, marma applications, herbal oils, herbal pastes and poultices. Herbal medicine and dietary restrictions are also prescribed when necessary.
    With the array of methods available, treatments are customised to the individual, their condition and their goals.
    As a practical manual therapy, massage is a primary element of Kalari Chikitsa. The two types of massage are Kalari Marma Massage and Chavutti Thirummal.

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