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  • Shirodhara

  • Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic treatment inducing an experience of deep relaxation to rest and calm your mind. It is a powerful treatment for reducing stress and nervous tension.

  • What is Shirodhara?

    In Sanskrit ‘shiras’ means head and ‘dhara’ means to flow. Shirodhara consists of a continuous, rhythmic flow of warm herbalised oil poured onto your forehead from a hanging pot. The warm gentle pressure and precise flow of oil calms and balances your mind and nervous system, so you experience a deep state of relaxation.

  • Benefits of Shirodhara

    • Provides a relaxing effect, decreasing mental and physical tension.
    • Balances and stabilises the activity of your mind.
    • Soothes your nervous system which in turn reduces stress.
    • Benefits sleep patterns.
    • Relieves excess Vata.
  • Shirodhara Method

    A Marma Head Massage is first given to prepare for the Shirodhara treatment.

    The Shirodhara treatment involves the pouring of warm herbalised oil over your forehead from a hanging pot.

    The herbalised oil used will be skillfully selected according to your condition. The correct choice of oil is vital in the effectiveness of a traditional Shirodhara. An alternative liquid may also be used such as herbal infused milk or buttermilk, or decoctions.

    Ayurvedic herbal medicine and dietary restrictions may also be prescribed to support the benefits of the Shirodhara treatment.

  • Price for Shirodhara

    60 mins$90
  • Price for Shirodhara + Massage

    120 mins$160
  • Shirodhara's benefits are greatly enhanced after a massage when your body is already relaxed.