Why traditional medicine making is part of Kalaripayattu training

Herbal medicine has always been a part of Kalaripayattu, the traditional martial art of Kerala. For a Kalaripayattu student, traditional medicine making is an integral element of their physical and mental training.

Kalari Chikitsa as a sports medicine

For the ancient warriors of Kerala, Kalari Chikitsa treatments were of primary importance to survival on the battlefield. Today, whilist no longer on the battlefield, the martial artists still use these treatments to support the strenuous daily training required to master their art.

Types of Kizhi in Ayurveda and Kalari Chikitsa

Kizhi is a technique used in the management of various pain-related conditions affecting the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems. A Kizhi is a poultice that is densely packed with herbal ingredients. There are many varieties of Kizhi and the name is given based on the ingredients tied within the poultice.

Theory of pain in traditional Indian medicine

Traditional Indian medicine gives a guide for how pain manifests in your body, and how it can make you more susceptible to injuries.

Marma in Kalari Chikitsa

At Kalari Ayurveda Centre, marma applications are an important part of our treatments for injuries and pain-related conditions. Our method of marma applications comes from the martial arts tradition in Kerala, southern India.

Heat therapy for pain relief in Ayurveda and Kalari Chikitsa

Heat therapy is an important method for pain relief used in Ayurveda and Kalari Chikitsa. The therapeutic use of heat relieves pain, decreases muscle spasm, relaxes muscle tension and can increase range of motion.

Ayurvedic herbal oil for pain and injury treatments

We use a wide variety of herbal oils in our treatments for pain and injury management. The herbal oils used and their applicaton will depend on the location, stage and cause of your condition. The correct choice of oil is vital in the effectiveness of traditional Ayurvedic treatments.

Ayurveda droni

One of the most important tools in Kalari Chikitsa and Ayurvedic treatments is the treatment table itself. Known as a Droni it is hand carved from a single piece of medicinal wood.
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