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Treatment testimonials

I love this place! I highly recommend the Kalari Ayurvedic Centre to all my friends and family. It’s a beautiful healing sanctuary. I have been to other Ayurvedic centres in Brisbane and overseas and I find Biju and Dr Leny to provide amazing Ayurvedic therapies and care. I have been receiving regular massages & detox treatments from them for over a year now and I always leave feeling rejuvenated and tranquil.

Leanne G.


For a true Ayurvedic experience and relief of pain. There is nobody else you can go to.

Ram D.


Wow what a fantastic experience – beautiful surroundings and a caring centre that really focused on my needs. I had the Ayurvedic remedial massage which was probably one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I will be recommending the Kalari Ayurveda Centre to my partner and friends. With so many treatments to explore I’ll definitely be back. A large variety of Ayurvedic medicines, tonics and herbs also available here.

Max B.


How lucky am I that there is Kerala Ayurveda in Brisbane! I am yet to go to Kerala for Ayurvedic treatment. The treatment here at Kalari is simply amazing. Dr Leny is very knowledgeable, capable, and so professional. I was able to walk again after a fall in a shorter time than was diagnosed by other doctors after Dr Leny’s treatments. I cannot recommend this place enough. Thank you very much for your healing treatment.

Liz M.


Kalari Ayurveda centre is my favourite place to go to for a massage, the centre is tranquil and calming and Biju and Flavia’s customer service is impeccable. I recommend this centre to everybody!

Savannah E.


I love Kalari Ayurveda Centre. My first consultation in allowing the practioner to learn about me was intense but when I left, I knew what treatments would be suited for my healing & knew what I need to do. I found this to be such a relief. This is a safe sanctuary for anyone seeking an alternative or holistic means for healing both physically & emotionally. It may or may not resonate with all but I highly recommend KAC. Very relaxed environment. I’m excited about my new found journey

Michelle C.


I have been to this centre for massage for my severe arthritic pain. Both Biju and Dr Leny are quite good….on top of this Biju also teaches Kalari to a good number of students…. A timely answer to the need of the moment..!

Anitha R.


Biju is one of my most important secret “weapons” in keeping me fit and fast for marathons. His massages either heal my aches and pains or when needed he gets my body in a perfect condition to chase and break records.

John S.


Kalaripayattu testimonials

Australian School of Kalaripayattu is the only place that I know of in Australia that promotes Kalaripayattu and Kalari Chikitsa in its true essence. It’s wonderful that this ancient Indian martial arts practice and healing techniques are being preserved and imparted onto us, as it offers many benefits to the modern life.

I found Kalaripayattu to be a great way to train your strength both physically and mentally. It definitely increases flexibility, balance and endurance.

In addition, being a dancer, I found the Kalari Chikitsa treatment to be very effective in managing a knee injury. It has assisted greatly in managing pain and mobility and has enabled me to continue dancing.

Amutha K.

I’ve enjoyed practising Kalaripayattu for the last two years. It was one of my childhood passions and I am very fortunate to have a teacher like you to teach this ancient martial art. It has helped me to focus my energies, improve my stamina and flexibility.

Thank you for providing such an excellent and effective Ayurvedic massage treatment. I had severe shoulder pain and could not lift my hand comfortably, just a couple of massage sessions and the shoulder pain vanished. I love the authentic Ayurvedic oils and herbs you use for the treatment, your technique is authentic and you are very knowledgeable.

Rajesh R.

More about what we do

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Traditional Indian medicine

Thousands of years old, Ayurveda is a traditional medicine system from India. It is one of the oldest continuously practiced traditions of medicine in the world. Ayurveda provides a vast guide of practical advice and wisdom on almost every aspect of your health.

Our Ayurvedic treatments are practised in the traditional way without reinvention or dilution.

They include a range of massages, therapies, herbal oils, pastes, poultices and heat therapies. Ayurvedic herbal medicine and dietary, lifestyle and daily routine modifications are also prescribed when necessary.

kalari chikitsa brisbane

Kalari Chikitsa

Traditional Indian sports medicine

Kalari Chikitsa is an ancient system of musculoskeletal treatments. Originating in Kerala in Southern India, Kalari Chikitsa was developed to benefit the warriors of Kalaripayattu. The techniques that were used to treat the ancient warriors are also highly effective in the treatment of modern day aches, pains and injuries.

Kalari Chikitsa is a complete system of traditional medicine. It includes a range of massage techniques, marma applications, herbal oils, herbal pastes and poultices. Herbal medicine and dietary restrictions are also prescribed when necessary.

In Kerala, anyone practising Kalari Chikitsa, or any form of Kalari massage, will be a master or senior student of Kalaripayattu. Keeping these traditions together in Australia is very important to us. You will find that our Kalari Ayurveda centre is linked with our Kalaripayattu school.



Traditional Indian martial art

Kalaripayattu is the traditional martial art of Kerala. Master Biju Nair teaches at our school, Australian School of Kalaripayattu, located at MacGregor, Brisbane.

Kalaripayattu develops the body and mind through a powerful flowing practice. It is a comprehensive system that was originally designed to create an expert warrior.

Australian School of Kalaripayattu is dedicated to teaching and sharing this warrior tradition. We aim to impart the true depth of this martial art and preserve the great legacy of Kerala’s warriors.

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Kalari Ayurveda Centre provides the traditional Indian healing systems of Ayurveda and Kalari Chikitsa with experience, expertise and an emphasis on tradition.




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